Car dealers are maintaining marketing contact under GDPR by securing consent for nine-out-of-10 new customer sales enquiries, according to Marketing Delivery.

The eCRM and social media specialists evaluated more than 30,900 sales enquiries from 103 dealers, during April 2018 and found that customer email addresses had been collected for 86% of all enquiries, with consent for future communication secured in 87% of cases.

In a quarter of the cases looked at, it would not be possible for the customer to be re-contacted by email, either due to the lack of an appropriate address or because consent was lacking, Marketing Delivery said.

Jeremy Evans, managing director of Marketing Delivery, said: “With GDPR coming into force this month, the importance of maintaining data quality and accuracy has predictably been a hot topic across the industry.

“Our analysis indicates that dealers are responding well, capturing crucial data and consents in the overwhelming majority of cases.

“There is, however, still

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