We send dozens of SMS messages each day, and the younger we are, the more that figure rises. SMS messages are enormously popular. Most people will open an SMS message, even if it’s from an unknown sender, whereas we are more likely to ignore an email if we don’t know who it’s from.

SMS marketing is a valuable tool for businesses, but it is very easy to get it wrong. The penalties for spamming users with unwanted text messages are high, so if you are new to SMS marketing, read on for some useful advice.

Why Use SMS Marketing?

SMS messages are a bit like Tweets. It’s hard to be ambiguous when composing an SMS message, as you don’t have space to wax lyrical or go off-topic. The nature of an SMS message means you have to stick to the point,

Article source: https://azbigmedia.com/a-quick-guide-to-sms-marketing-for-small-businesses/

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