Discovery has responded to reports that users received direct marketing SMSs advertising Discovery life insurance which did not comply with new rules published by the Financial Services Board (now the FSCA).

The rules are part of a number of changes to its Policyholder Protection Rules (PPRs), which took effect on 1 July 2018.

The revised PPRs state that insurers may not charge users for sending opt-out SMSs in response to direct marketing. The user must also not be charged a network fee for the SMS.

However, a MyBroadband reader reported they received an SMS advertising Discovery’s life insurance products in July 2018 which charged them a network fee when sending an opt-out SMS.

The PPRs are not prescriptive as to which entity must carry the cost of the opt-out SMS, but they prohibit the policyholder footing the bill.

Discovery previously told MyBroadband it was investigating the issue reported by

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