By Pranav Ahuja

Over the last year, I have spoken to over 100 marketers working at SMBs and at enterprises. Most of them spoke about doing marketing personalisation. According to the Evergage 2018 trends in personalisation survey, 98 percent of marketers believe that personalisation has some impact on advancing customer relationships.

Across the industry, we have been talking about doing personalised marketing for many years. Yet in reality, most brands of all scales from SMBs, MSMEs and even enterprises still struggle to do marketing personalisation. After spending over 2,000 hours speaking to over 100 marketers, I identified four key reasons why brands are still struggling to adopt personalised marketing.

But before we talk about the four challenges, let me walk you through a marketing campaign use case. Say a retail store wants to reactivate their lost customers. Today, they will create a group of customers who haven’t ordered for over one year

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