Corefactors Offers an All-In-One Integrated Solution to Manage Marketing, Sales, Communication, and Campaigns

Companies want to maximize lead conversion, enhance campaign output, and streamline business communication. It’s a fast-paced world with many ‘blink and miss it’ moments. Knowing this, Bengaluru-based Corefactors, conceptualized by Adnaks Marketing Solutions, has introduced an integrated communication platform that seamlessly blends multiple channel marketing to generate, nurture, and convert leads. It’s called Teleduce for Integrated Sales and Marketing Automation.

With Teleduce, Corefactors offers an all-in-one integrated solution to manage marketing, sales, communication, and campaigns.

  • Standard features are SMS, Email, and Voice campaigns. There is also missed call marketing, along with landing page design for marketing campaigns, and Google Analytics tracking.
  • For enhanced inbound and outbound communication, Teleduce provides a toll-free virtual phone number, data verification, and telecalling.
  • Add-ons include a lead management box, customer success box, or list manager.
  • Teleduce can also integrate with products like Zoho, Hubspot,

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