I can’t remember the last time that I received a leaflet or offer booklet from any of my local takeaways. But I do probably on a biweekly basis get a text from my local pizza place, and I am sad to say the majority of the time I succumb to their offer and order a pizza. Not good for my health, but boy are they tasty.

With technology ever evolving, and with the world becoming ever more impulsive, consumers just want to do everything quickly and easily. And SMS hits the nail on the head when it comes to being quick, easy, convenient and effective.

Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers (Source: eMarketer)

Setting up and sending a text message takes less than a minute. It then takes about 5 seconds to be delivered, and with 90 percent of all messages being read within 3 minutes, it

Article source: https://www.modernrestaurantmanagement.com/the-perfect-sms-campaign-for-restaurants-and-takeaways/

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