If you reply STOP to an SMS marketing message, but the company continues to spam you and they are a member of WASPA, you should lay a complaint.

Speaking at a media event in Johannesburg, the industry association said it investigates complaints like these and sanctions companies who are found to be in violation of its code of conduct.

In April 2018, WASPA levied a fine of R25,000 against Blue Label Data Solutions for continuing to send marketing messages on behalf of Dischem to a user after that user had opted out.

WASPA general manager Ilonka Badenhorst said their code of conduct not only prohibits sending marketing messages after someone has opted out, but operates on an opt-in basis.

Badenhorst said WASPA takes a proactive approach to such matters, and while the Consumer Protection Act has taken an opt-out approach to direct marketing, the Protection of Personal Information Act will change

Article source: https://mybroadband.co.za/news/cellular/271299-what-to-do-when-sms-spammers-wont-stop.html

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