Just how mobile are digital audiences today?

The answer, simply put, is “very.”

Since 2016, more than fifty percent of web traffic share globally has been through mobile devices. These trends do display a skew towards highly populated and developing areas of the world, but regions like North America or Europe, which trend close to the forty percent range, also see large amounts of desktop traffic coming from business use (which remains an important note for B2B brands).

But when we look at the personal mobile usage of users in the US, mobile adoption continues to grow as well. According to the Pew Research Foundation, more than 75 percent of Americans today own a smartphone, and that proportion increases further as you look at younger and younger segments of the market. Even more interestingly, the population of users who use Internet-enabled

Article source: https://www.skyword.com/contentstandard/marketing/why-nows-the-best-time-to-add-app-based-marketing-to-your-mobile-content-strategy/

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